Smarter Coaching & Game Planning

NMS Analytics for Coaches makes it easier for you to create individual game plans for each player, based on their unique abilities. The analysis is updated before every game and focuses on insight that will help you to identify where players can drive weekly improvement and make the biggest impact entering each game.

“It’s not about talent. It’s about dependability, consistency, and being able to improve. If you work hard and you’re coachable and you understand what you need to do, you can improve.” -Bill Belichick

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Player Development

NMS Analytics for Coaches makes it easier to prioritize performance improvement for every player. Quickly evaluate each player’s skill attributes, measure their potential, and create an individual development plan focused on weekly improvement. NMS analyses are customized to your team and adjusted each week to improve the chances of your players winning their individual assignments.

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Game Planning

NMS Analytics for Coaches makes ‘Belichick’ type of game planning possible. Use detailed and personalized views of your team’s overall abilities, strengths and opportunities to consider for each matchup (updated weekly). Use the analysis to identify high impact areas to focus on in practice and determine where your biggest opportunities are for on-field personnel. 


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Smart Coaching Tools

NMS Analytics for Coaches includes coaching insight based on studies, best practices, and trends from professional sports. You’ll also get a dedicated NMS analytics coach and access to experienced advisors. Through NMS partners, you’ll also gain access to cutting edge technologies (such as player tracking cameras) and tendencies reporting. 


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“It helps us to control the things that are within our control and improve execution”

Head Coach Ricky S.

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Coaching At Its Best!

With NMS Football Analytics for Coaches, you’ll receive game script analysis, team profile analysis, player analysis, best practice research, lessons learned, a dedicated NMS team, and access to a subject matter expert in coaching.